Safe and easy payments ecosystem

New approach to security never seen before

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Aurapay Benefits

Fast 2-click payments

Shop only with safe suppliers

Secure operations

We secure your personal data, bank card number and preferences by modern technologies

Get best shopping offers in native formats
Convenient shopping

No need to reenter your personal data, bank card, delivery address

Biometric technologies

Enjoy 100% safe payments without cash and credit cards

Available banking

Try immediate card emission, free money transfers, online assistance 24/7

Voice assistance

Browse the catalogue with a handy voice assistant

Search by photo

Find your ideal products by photo, compare prices, chose the best one

Parental control

Control your kids expenses, no worries about 18+ products

AuraPay for e-commerce retailers

Sales Growth

Grow sales through impulsive shopping and efficient marketing

New sales channel

Try a new channel of sales for free and grow your market share


Accept payments through customer's self-scan of the bar-code in offline shops

Fast integration

Install AuraPay in 3 minutes and get integrated with any CRM-system

Personal data transfer

No need to call a customer to confirm personal data and address  

Marketing expenses reduction

Reduce your marketing budget with efficient marketing instruments, inc. targeted ads, banners and push-messages  


Check all business analytics inside and get the data in your CRM

Reduce reputational risks

Grow customers' loyalty and reduce negative buzz in a chat

How it works

  • Download AuraPay

  • Enter your card number

  • Go "Shopping" in the App to get the best offers from your favourite stores

  • Instantly confirm the payment via AuraPay with a fingerprint or pin

  • Keep yourself secured from internet fraud with bank cards and accounts

Pay via the App

Once you attach your card to the App, you can pay for anything there with your fingerprint. Your data is securely ciphered

Download the App

Specialized App for easy product and services payments. Once registered, you attach your bank card just once and start shopping right now

AuraPay is currently at the Beta test stage. Please, subscribe below